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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Trash Pick up Crew - Special Events

A Special Event is a large event such as a festival, road race, parade, film shoots or walk marathon. Such events may feature entertainment, amusements and food and beverages

Event cleaning:
Our staff is ready to clean your event from the beginning to the end, then you will see in the photographs our work, at the beginning we will place a number of boxes with their respective bags allowing the event to be handled in a clean and safe way , not a complete garbage mess wherever you want, our staff is willing to pick up the garbage that people throw out of the containers to achieve a greater cleanliness of your event. Your customers and your guests will feel very comfortable in your event when you see the cleanliness of the place.
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Calabasas Festival

Our job is to place the corresponding containers for the trash of the event.

In our work we do not use any type of detergent we only dedicate ourselves to the garbage collection of the containers that we provide to our clients for their greater comfort at the end of the event.

Our staff is responsible during the event to collect garbage that people throw out of the containers so that your event does not look dirty everywhere, the presence of our staff will help make your event very professional.

Our trucks will be responsible for taking the garbage to their respective garbage collection depots.
We take care of making the necessary reefs before the event, placing the necessary boxes and their respective bags in their containers.

Our customers inform us the number of people who will arrive at the event so our team of cleaning attendants will take action.

Our combination between the parking attendant (traffic direction) our valet parking and our cleaning team makes us feel proud of our work over the years.

Our staff is trained to work different schedules
We go to different places in Los Angeles and Orange County where our clients feel satisfied with our work.

Our company provides water, food and equipment that are necessary for our employees so that the event runs smoothly and accurately.

We provide a variety of work equipment such as tent, coolers, radios, orange reflective vest, orange hat for greater safety and visibility of our employees when they are working.

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